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Our overall mission is to provide leadership development and community service to at-risk youth in Memphis, Atlanta, and South Florida, and to stimulate Shelby County Schools (SCS) alumni and corporate giving. Specific goals are to: 1) empower at-risk youth economically through education; 2) foster SCS alumni giving and networking opportunities; 3) involve SCS alumni/corporate patrons in SCS events and the community; and 4) provide an Annual SCS Alumni Excellence Award for Community Service to esteemed alumni who have not only achieved success in their professional endeavors but have impacted others by their generosity.

Drumma's Education, Arts, and Music (DREAM) Summit and Student Business Plan Competition (BPC)

Drumma Boy will host an annual DREAM Summit and Student BPC for at-risk youth (ages 12 to 17) in Memphis designed to educate youth to the global career and entrepreneur opportunities available on the "business side" of the mega music and sports industries. The summit will feature a panel of music and sports business executives (i.e., producers, artists, writers, Nike executives, GMs, owners, manufacturers, sports apparel designers, trainers, coaches) that will speak and answer questions about the unlimited opportunities that exist in the industries.

Music/Sports Business Summer Youth Employment Initiative

One of the goals of the Academy is to create Music/Sports-business leadership training opportunities for our youth. The Academy's Music/Sports-Business - Summer Youth Employment Initiative is designed to create summer employment opportunities in the Music/Sports business arena. The internships should be at least 25 hours each week for six weeks in the following target areas: producing, writing, publishing, royalties, graphic design, sports management, team operations, apparel design or manufacturing, scouting, sports agency, videography and photography, sports conditioning/training, coaches assistant, etc.
We will also seek professional development opportunities for instructors to enhance their music/sports & entertainment industry knowledge, exposure, and teaching skills. Maintain a summer sabbatical where high school teachers will spend a summer with a major music/sports or entertainment business fostering a transfer of knowledge back to students.

Curriculum Development (Music/Sports Industry Training) – Shelby County Schools

The Academy will work cooperatively with Shelby County Schools to develop and/or integrate curriculum that will enhance youth knowledge, understanding, and awareness of business and professional career opportunities in the music/sports-business industries.

Drumma Boy's All-Star Celebrity Weekend Fundraiser (Memphis)

Drumma Boy will host an annual All-Star Celebrity Weekend Fundraiser in the Memphis in conjunction with the DREAM Summit.